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Mariam Tsulukidze
+995 322 507 177 (შიდა: 235)

Mariam Tsulukidze is a researcher at the Energy and Environment Policy Research Center (EEPRC) of the ISET Policy Institute. She joined the EEPR Community in September 2018 after graduating with an MA in economics from ISET with honors. Ms. Tsulukidze specializes in Energy Economics, and in her Master Thesis estimated the potential private costs and benefits of residential shared rooftop photovoltaic systems in multistory buildings in Tbilisi in a variety of different scenarios. During the first year of her Master’s studies, Ms. Tsulukidze undertook a project pertaining to the effects of renewable energy implementation on CO2 emissions based on data from a number of different countries. Her spheres of interest are Energy Market and Regulation, Renewable Energy Sources, Natural Resources, Water and Waste Management, Climate Change, and Public Policy Issues.

Before joining the EEPRC community, Ms. Tsulukidze worked as a research assistant at the World Experience of Georgia (WEG). She obtained her BA in International Business Studies from Østfold University College in Norway in 2016. Along with her research, Ms. Tsulukidze works as a teaching assistant at ISET, teaching Econometrics to second-year BA students. Previously, she worked as a teaching assistant in Macroeconomics for BA students and Economic Theory, Consumer Theory (Microeconomics 1), Open Macroeconomics, and Time Series Macroeconomics for first-year MA students.

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