Develop the advocacy capacity of CSOs and PSAs
Status: Complated
Project Milestones: Start date: 07.03.2022 End Date: 31.03.2024

ISET Policy Institute has launched a new project – “Develop the advocacy capacity of CSOs and PSAs”. This project is being implemented with the support of the USAID Economic Governance Program. 

The objective of the grant is to assist Georgian CSOs and PSAs in enhancing their organizational effectiveness by developing analytical, research, and advocacy capacity; expanding the professional skills of their personnel; equipping organizations with the instruments and resources required to engage effectively in the policymaking process; and assisting organizations with the introduction of advocacy services to achieve their advocacy goals.

According to the USAID Sustainability Index Explorer, the sustainability index for CSOs has remained relatively stable over the last ten years (at an index value of 4), which implies that Georgian CSOs are still evolving their sustainability (7- Impeded Sustainability; 1- Enhanced Sustainability). CSOs currently lack the institutional capacity to survive in the long term. In particular, they are financially vulnerable and struggle to deliver diversified high-quality services and products. They also face obstacles in maintaining qualified human resources and building a solid public image. CSOs and PSAs, therefore, need to develop their capacity to collect data, conduct research, and employ analytical tools which produce meaningful evidence that is able to engage in an effective and productive advocacy process.

The grant activity will address these needs and constraints via an integrated, synergistic approach. The participants will gain valuable knowledge for future use through solicitation and the development of a diverse set of educational modules and mentoring, followed by an impact evaluation and the sharing of expertise.

Strengthening CSOs’ research, outreach, and advocacy capabilities will naturally help them offer higher quality services to their communities and be more engaged in policy design and implementation, which will eventually put CSOs on the path toward future sustainability.