Support to georgian reform tracking system - ReforMeter
Status: Ongoing
Project Milestones: Start date: 15.03.2021 End Date: 30.09.2024

In March 2021, ISET-Policy Institute launched the new phase of the project “ReforMeter,” with the support of the USAID Economic Governance Program, implemented by Deloitte. 

The objective of the proposed activity is to increase transparency, public accountability, and efficiency of Georgia’s economic reforms’ implementation and outcomes through engaging multiple stakeholders in the efficient dialogue.

ReforMeter is the Georgian Reform Progress Tracking System, that generates targeted reform performance, progress, and outcome analysis, as input and feedback to policymaking and public dialogue. It is a platform to inform beneficiaries and stakeholders on how new reform efforts of the Georgian government have progressed against their intended objectives and continue to improve development outcomes. In addition, the proposed grant activity aims to refine ReforMeter’s methodology to include evaluation of the targeted reform quality; to raise awareness and credibility of ReforMeter especially in the regions, and to enhance the capacity of the target population, specifically youth and women, through information sessions and PPD discussions; to organize annual progress events which will reveal the best initiatives, reforms, and implementation agencies. The aim also is to ensure ReforMeter’s smooth transition to a self-reliable model after the project phases out.  The proposed grant activity aims to promote the implementation of more effective, consistent, and efficient reforms by increasing the inclusiveness of the reform design and implementation process.

For more visit the ReforMeter website.