Inclusive Growth Dialogue: Presentation - Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Projects
Status: Complated
Project Milestones: Start date: 09.06.2014 End Date: 10.06.2014

BP in Georgia has implemented a number of projects related to renewable energy and energy efficiency through its Sustainable Development Initiative. The projects are designed to raise awareness about energy efficiency and provide subsidies for households to implement energy efficiency measures. In addition, several social programs related to increasing the efficiency of energy use and renewable energy have been implemented over the last four years.

The Energy Bus Project, with a budget of USD 1.6 million, was designed to raise awareness about energy efficiency. Visiting every region of Georgia, the Energy Bus was a source of information about energy efficiency and renewable energy. A total of 65,000 people visited the bus over the course of three years. In November 2011, the project received the National Energy Globe Award in Wels, Austria, for the best energy project from Georgia. In addition to the awareness-raising campaign, the Energy Bus also had a financial component. A loan program for energy-efficient devices for households was implemented by the EBRD through its USD 6.6 million concessional credit line to two Georgian commercial banks, and a subsidy scheme for 15% of the purchase value of energy-efficient equipment was funded by BP and Co-venturers to the amount of USD 1 million. In total, more than 600 loans have been disbursed by both banks for a total amount of about USD 850,000, and about USD 130,000 of subsidies have been paid out. In addition, the Renewable Energy Energy Efficiency Project for Communities, financed by BP and Co-venturers, was implemented by the Energy Efficiency Center of Georgia during 2012-2013. In total, 23 demo projects were implemented over the two years three larger projects in Tbilisi and 20 smaller ones across Georgia.

The presentation was organized in scopes of the broader Inclusive Growth Dialogue Platform initiative of ISET PI, supported by the Swiss Cooperation Office for the South Caucasus (SDC).