Global programme to prevent son preference and gender-biased sex selection
Status: Complated
Project Milestones: Start date: 01.06.2017 End Date: 01.06.2020

An ISET-PI team is participating in a project called Global Programme to Prevent Son Preference and Gender-Biased Sex Selection.

An ISET-PI team is partnering UNFPA country office in Georgia in the scope of a Global Programme to Prevent Son Preference and Gender-biased Sex Selection in the region. The study covers 6 countries in Asia and in the Caucasus: Nepal, Bangladesh, Viet Nam, Armenia, Azerbaijan and Georgia. The programme aims to contribute to strengthening evidence-based national policies and programmes in addressing son preference, low value of girls and gender inequalities resulting in gender-biased sex selection in countries of prevalence in Asia and the Caucasus.

The main objectives of the study are:

1. Expand existing knowledge base on sex ration imbalance through demographic, socio-cultural, operational and policy research at the national and regional level;

2. Strengthen national and regional capacity for advocacy, development, implementation, monitoring and evaluation of policies and programmes addressing sex selection;

3. Develop an inter-regional mechanism to monitor trends, exchange information and tools.