July 11, 2016 Kh-Index | Is there anybody home? Or how tbilisi became the cheapest georgian city in June 2016
11 July 2016

In June 2016, the average cost of cooking one standard Imeretian khachapuri increased to 3.12 GEL, which is 1.5% higher month-on-month (m/m, that is compared to May 2016), but 9.6% higher year-on-year (y/y, compared to June 2015).

It is worth noting that the entire monthly increase in the national Khachapuri Index was driven by Kutaisi (up by 9.2%). The Index continued to decline in Telavi and Tbilisi and remained unchanged (albeit at a very high level in Batumi).

At 3.51 GEL (no change compared to last month), Batumi retained the title of the most expensive Georgian location at this time of the year. Certainly for khachapuri lovers. In Telavi, the Index lost a tiny 0.3%, reaching 2.99 GEL. A more pronounced decline of 2.4% was recorded in Tbilisi which, at 2.09 GEL, became the cheapest city. The most likely explanation for such a lackluster performance of the Index in Tbilisi is concerned with a seasonal weakness in demand. Indeed, the capital appears to be quite empty these days as many city dwellers left it for seaside vacations or quality time in the mountains.