February 4, 2019 | The end of the festive period
04 February 2019

The average cost of cooking one standard Imeretian khachapuri in the first month of this year is 3.62 GEL, which is 3.2% lower – month-on-month (compared to the previous month), and 2.5% lower year-on-year (from January 2018).

In January 2019, the Kh-Index data can reveal that Batumi is leading in terms of price, where the cost of cooking an Imeretian khachapuri stands at 3.70 GEL. Telavi takes second place at 3.61 GEL. While, Tbilisi and Kutaisi follow closely with 3.56 GEL and 3.60 GEL, respectively. The price variation between the most expensive city (Batumi) and the cheapest (Tbilisi) is only 0.14 GEL- hardly a significant difference.

Over the last month, the prices dropped in all Georgian cities. Almost every year after the festive season we see a similar trend and the prices start to decrease. The highest decrease can be seen in Kutaisi (-5.9%), which is unsurprising as price fluctuations are often first spotted in Kutaisi, and are subsequently extended to the other cities in Georgia.