Price Stability: the Lull before the Storm?
12 November 2012

During the past 18 months, Georgian consumers have been enjoying an unprecedented period of price stability. Ever since May 2011, when inflation peaked given the state of frenzy in the global commodity markets, inflation has literally come to a halt: since early 2012, monthly inflation rates are fluctuating around the zero trends.

Georgia: The Hub Issue
24 October 2012

The new issue of Investor.GE is out, this time focusing on Georgia as the hub for the South Caucasus and Central Asia. This quote from the lead article caught my attention.

Small Hydropower Plants: No Competition in a Competitive Marketplace
19 October 2012

Economics suggests that competition in a market brings more welfare to a country. Anti-monopoly agencies exist to create policies that limit market dominance and achieve competition.

Georgian Driving Manners and Economic Competitiveness
07 August 2012

Competitiveness is an elusive term that can mean different things to different people. Moreover, there is no consensus on how a country can become competitive.

National Competitiveness Report for Georgia
04 June 2012

The National Competitiveness Report (NCR) for Georgia aims to complement the World Economic Forum’s Global Competitiveness Report by providing an in-depth and comprehensive treatment of competitiveness issues. In particular, it will explore the potential for Georgia to leverage its geographic location and business environment to assume the role of a hub economy in the greater Caucasus region. The overall aim of the project was to generate the first National Competitiveness Report (NCR) for Georgia, following the World Economic Forum's methodology.