Are Georgia’s Hazelnut Exports Back on Track?
28 June 2021

Hazelnuts are one of Georgia’s top ten export commodities. During 2010-2020, hazelnuts accounted for around 4.4% of Georgia’s total exports (GeoStat, 2021).

The Wheat Market in Georgia
08 March 2021

On February 15th 2021, export quotas on wheat, rye, maize, and barley entered into force in Russia.

ISET Lead Economist Luc Leruth addresses G20
08 February 2021

In early February, Dr Leruth gave a presentation to the G20's Task Force on Multilateralism and Global Governance. His address, entitled "Identifying Ultimate Beneficial Owners: A risk-based approach to improve the transparency of international financial flows", is also the key aspect of a research paper which is being co-authored and produced by representatives from the universities of Liege and Tilburg; it will be published by July. To have a member of ISET's faculty address members of a G20 Task Force is an extremely proud moment for ISET. The institute offers heartfelt congratulations him on yet another career achievement.

COVID-19 in Georgia's Agriculture: a challenge, an opportunity or both?
01 February 2021

ISET-PI’s Senior Researcher of the Energy and Environmental Policy Research Center, Levan Pavlenishvili, commented on the ruling of the Georgian Energy and Water Supply Regulatory Commission (GNERC) on electricity tariffs live on Maestro TV. An expected increase in prices has not been confirmed, with only a minor increase in prices for the commercial sector. Levan Pavlenishvili stated that there were variables in tariff methodology that would have caused an increase of electricity prices, while other variables would have pushed the tariff towards a decrease. Watch the video from Maestro TV to learn more.

ISET Policy Institute team presents RIA of the draft law on agritourism to the parliament of Georgia1
25 January 2021

The ISET Policy Institute recently participated in a discussion of the draft law on agritourism in the Parliament of Georgia. On the 25th of January, the Agricultural Policy Research Center attended a hearing of the draft law on agritourism by the sectorial committee of the Parliament of Georgia, during which our research team presented the findings of the Regulatory Impact Assessment (RIA) of the draft law and discussed the associated socio-economic benefits and costs. The draft law on agritourism was prepared by the Agrarian Committee of the Parliament of Georgia in collaboration with the Georgian Farmers Association, and financial support from UN women. It intends to create a legal basis for the functioning of agritourism businesses in Georgia and contribute to the rural development of Georgia through the economic diversification of activities in rural areas.