ISET Hosts a Second Workshop to Track the Impact of EU Efforts to Support Agricultural Cooperatives in Georgia
07 October 2016

Facilitating cooperation among Georgia’s smallholders is one of the main focuses of the ENPARD project, of which ISET is a (small) part. ENPARD has been active in Georgia since 2013, and its work has been extensive and its efforts invaluable. An evaluation effort coordinated by the ISET Policy Institute has uncovered some interesting facts and figures from the comparative analysis between 2014 and 2015.

ISET Hosts Competition Policy Workshop
13 June 2016

On June 10, in cooperation with G4G USAID, ISET Policy Institute completed a 3-day workshop on Competition Policy. Eleven participants from the State Competition Agency, the Taxpayers Union (TPU), Georgian Lawyers for Independent Professions (GLIP), and ISET all attended the event.

ISET PI Becomes a Member of Georgian Alliance on Agricultural and Rural Development (GAARD)
09 June 2016

ISET PI became a member of the Georgian Alliance on Agricultural and Rural Development (GAARD) on June 9th. The GAARD was established in 2014 and includes people from the Ministry of Agriculture, academic institutions, non-governmental organizations, and independent experts.

Livestock Farm-Enterprise Models in Kakheti Region
01 June 2016

APRC is conducting a research on livestock farm- enterprise models in Kakheti to better understand current arrangements and options in livestock market system in the region. In cooperation with Market Opportunities for Livelihood Improvement (MOLI) project APRC studies livestock farm- enterprise model in Kakheti region.

Leaders in Development - ISET and JTI Launch a New Training Course
27 May 2016

ISET Policy Institute in cooperation with Japan Tabacco International (JTI) Georgia launched a free-of-charge training program “Leaders in Development” for policymakers, analysts, mid-level, and executives. The opening session held on May 24th welcomed the first cohort of 31 senior professionals and decision-makers coming from more than 15 public, private and non-profit organizations.