ISET Hosts Competition Policy Workshop
Monday, 13 June, 2016

On June 10, in cooperation with G4G USAID, ISET Policy Institute completed a 3-day workshop on Competition Policy. Eleven participants from the State Competition Agency, the Taxpayers Union (TPU), Georgian Lawyers for Independent Professions (GLIP), and ISET all attended the event.

The workshop was led by Anastasia Shepetova, who holds a Ph.D. in competition policy from the Toulouse School of Economics. Currently, she works at MAPP Economics – a consultancy based in Paris and Brussels offering microeconomic analysis services with a focus on competition issues. MAPP has been ranked as the best antitrust economics consultancy in France by the specialized journal Décideurs – Stratégie, Finance, Droit, for five years in a row since 2010.

Anastasia overviewed the objectives of the Competition Policy and appropriate legislation in the EU. She explained the principles of horizontal and vertical agreements, the economics of vertical restraints, dominance, and mergers, as well as quantitative methods in merger assessment. The participants also had an opportunity to discuss the current challenges faced by the State Competition Agency.