Policy Briefs

Green Growth: How Georgia Could Benefit
Monday, 29 December, 2014

There are several potential drivers of green-energy growth. At ISET-PI we have asses the ones that are most relevant for the Georgian context.

Green policies might stimulate growth in Georgia through various effects, depending on the sector they target. For example, monetizing emission reductions has a high potential for success and could be marketed to other countries as a sustainable solution to automotive emissions.

In summary, there is a complex array of factors driving green policies and their implementation. The potential for these policies to be applied across sectors to places that were previously untouched by these contemporary and progressive solutions for the environment.

Since September 2014, the ISET Policy Institute has been working with the German Economic Team (GET). In May 2015 ISET-PI and GET extended their partnership and began working on a variety of policy briefs for Georgia's industrial development. These briefs will simultaneously advance research in the sector and provide the Georgian government a set of guidelines for the development of its own policy, exploring where Georgia's comparative advantages lie. The German Economic Team is a consulting group who provides advisory services to the Georgian government on economic policy and is supported by the German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy.