Evaluation of pilot projects in Tusheti
Status: Complated
Project Milestones: Start date: 06.11.2017 End Date: 31.08.2018

The objective of this research is to conduct a participatory evaluation of the pilot projects in the Akhmeta/Tusheti region of Georgia implemented by Integrated Biodiversity Management, South Caucasus Program. Pilot measures include interventions related to spatial planning/land-use planning, winter school, sustainable forest management, sustainable pasture management, and bio-engineering aiming at the sustainable management of biodiversity and ecosystem services.

Biodiversity, which generally refers to the variety and variability of life on Earth, is the resource upon which families, communities, nations, and future generations depend. In spite of this, the diversity of species and the proper functioning of ecosystems are currently under threat. There is considerable pressure from the local population, private industry, and governments to exploit natural resources, and during the last few decades, the rate of biodiversity degradation has been extremely high. In order to develop an effective strategy for reducing biodiversity loss, the ISET team guided by an external consultant evaluates the direct and indirect impacts of pilot measures as well as their potential for continuation and scaling up.