Sweden continuous supporting ISET PI as an independent economics think-tank
Tuesday, 26 July, 2022

ISET Policy Institute receives 5 200 000 SEK from Sweden Promoting Georgia’s Green and Inclusive Development through Supporting Evidence-based Policymaking and Capacity Building of policy parties. The agreement was signed today by Mr. Erik Illes, Head of Development Cooperation and Deputy Head of Mission of the Embassy of Sweden, and President of Partnership for Economics Education and Research (PEER), Director of ISET Policy Institute Dr. Tamar Sulukhia. The agreement extends Sweden’s support of ISET Policy Institute’s activities from July 2022 to June 2024.

The proposed activities aim at contributing to and supporting evidence-based policymaking in Georgia through multiple activities of the independent economic policy think-tank – ISET Policy Institute, which has proven over the course of the last few years to be a highly relevant think-tank, including during crises.  The subject grant from Sweden supports the institution’s role and contribution to evidence-based policymaking in times of the post-COVID19 recovery, the war in Ukraine, and conflicts in the region, needs to address climate change mitigation and adaptation, and in the context of the Eastern Partnership agenda and Georgia moving towards EU.