ISET Policy Institute meets Telavi-based organizations to discuss effective policymaking
Wednesday, 15 June, 2022

On 15 June, ISET Policy Institute, with support from the Swedish Embassy, met representatives from local non-governmental and international organizations, and from the Telavi public and private sector, in order to introduce its activities and key products.

The welcome address was delivered by Tamar Sulukhia, Director of ISET and ISET Policy Institute. ISET representatives thereafter spoke about the importance of evidence-based research, mechanisms, and tools in policymaking.

Davit Keshelava from the research team introduced a recent ISET development – the Gender Equality Index (GEI), which measures progress toward gender equality within 12 former soviet countries, including the three countries of the South Caucasus: Georgia, Armenia, and Azerbaijan.

During the latter part of the conference, Ana Burduli from the research team introduced the ReforMeter – the ReforMeter is a platform for assessing economic reforms, supported by the USAID Economic Governance Program. During her overview, Ana discussed the project’s target reforms, each of which is assessed, reported, and published by the ReforMeter team.

 Ana Burduli’s review was followed by a comprehensive overview of Georgian land registration reform challenges led by Salome Deisadze, an agricultural researcher at the ISET Policy Institute

This special event concluded with a Q&A and a discussion where participants emphasized ISET's current projects and research activities, as well as all potential partnerships in the future.