ISET Policy Institute conducts green economy training for journalists and students
Monday, 28 March, 2022

28 March 2022 marks the successful completion of ISET’s green economy training for journalists and students. We are extremely grateful to the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs for financially supporting the initiative. The course objective was to help Georgian journalists understand and discuss the policy challenges associated with the development of a greener, circular economy; climate change mitigation and adaptation; as well as concrete energy and environmental policies adopted by the Georgian government.

The participants now have the ability to effectively gather, process, and disseminate information about green issues, to improve the quality of the information in Georgia, and to facilitate the transition toward a greener economy.

Participants of the training have already produced articles and blogs on topics like the regional impact of climate change in Georgia, bonfires in Borjomi forests, and the implications of the Ukraine-Russia war on renewable energy development. These articles also crucially covered topics concerning the circular economy and interrelated policies in Georgia. 

ISET Policy Institute would like to congratulate all the participants on successfully completing the training. We wish them luck on their future coverage of green issues!