ICC Georgia Hosted ISET Policy Institute Discussion on Remote Work in times of COVID
Thursday, 09 December, 2021

On 9 December 2021, ISET Policy Institute conducted an online discussion, Remote work in times of COVID: How Georgia adjusted to challenges, in partnership with the International Chamber of Commerce of Georgia (ICC). 

The ISET Policy Institute team, led by Lead Economist Giorgi Papava, introduced its research on how the Georgian labor market adjusted to emerging vulnerabilities during the pandemic to member organizations of ICC Georgia. A presentation from Mery Julakidze, an ISET-PI Researcher, focused on how responses varied across professions, sectors, qualifications, gender, age groups, and geography, and also reviewed how the figures from Georgia compare to select EU countries.

The presentation and discussion were highly relevant to the experiences of ICC Georgia members – considering how companies were affected and addressed the various challenges. 

For greater detail, see our research here: Five Ways Covid-19 Affected the Georgian Labor Market.