Presentation by Dr. Sergei Chobanyan
Tuesday, 25 November, 2014

On November 20, 2014, Dr. Sergei Chobanyan professor of ISET and Georgian Technical University, Senior Scientist at the Niko Muskhelishvili Institute of Computational Mathematics of Georgian Technical University, held a presentation “On the Volume Calendar Planning Problem” at the ISET Conference Hall.

Dr. Sergei Chobanyan together with his colleagues from Niko Muskhelishvili Institute applied their theoretical results on the best rearrangement of summands to the following problem: The annual production plan of an enterprise consists of n items characterized by d-dimensional vectors. The group of researchers contributed to the development of the stated problem, both fundamental and applied.

The main objective of the study was to divide the annual production by months as evenly as possible. During the presentation, Dr. Chobanyan explained the main contribution of the team, which was the algorithmic construction of the desired permutation based on Transference Lemma. The main idea is to reduce the rearrangement algorithm to a signing algorithm.

Their Transference Lemma had also been applied by a Hungarian mathematician Makai while applying CVS to the Reroute Sequence Planning problem in telecommunication networks.