Epic Homecoming: Dr. David Tsirekidze – Success and Failure
Monday, 08 October, 2018

“Have you ever asked yourself what is your goal?

“Think about your goals, work hard to achieve them, always use the opportunities available to you, and ultimately create your own success story!”

On Monday, October 8, during his visit to Georgia, ISET hosted Dr. David Tsirekidze, the Principal Consultant at Edgeworth Economics (Washington, DC), Ph.D. in Economics from Stanford University, and an ISET graduate of 2011. He gave a presentation entitled “Success and Motivation”.

Dr. Tsirekidze talked about his experience and provided his insight on how to set goals and achieve them. David related the story of his career so far and recounted not only the great successes he has had but also the painful failures and disappointments and the experience he has gained from them. He revealed what motivated him to set his eyes on top US Ph.D. programs many years earlier: in fact, his ambitions originated from his time as a high school student. David shared the lessons he learned through his own experience in the hope that the audience found his message inspiring, as well as motivating so that they can be successful in their own endeavors.

At the end of his inspirational speech, he emphasized the importance of hard work and sources of inspiration. He defined failure as a success turned inside out, that beliefs and perception can either weaken or strengthen motivation. He explained that it all comes down to the right mindset, whether to stop going forward or instead perceive failure as a component of development and growth, keep going despite any and all difficulties, and ultimately achieve your goals.