ISET-PI Visits Land of the Rising Sun
Monday, 10 October, 2016

Along with a recent interview by a Japanese journalist on regional economics and the attendance of a Japanese student in the Class of 2018, ISET is broadening its Japanese experience with a visit to Tokyo.

On 5-6th October, ISET-PI researcher Maka Chitanava took part in a workshop entitled 'Policy Framework for Inclusive Growth in Central and West Asia', organized by the Asian Development Bank (ADB) in Tokyo. The workshop was aimed at discussing issues related to inequality and inclusive growth in Central Asia and the South Caucasus (CASC) countries, with particular reference to important factors that affect the design of policy frameworks aimed at promoting the creation of 'good jobs'; jobs which are well-paid, secure, and productive, and therefore contribute to achieving the inclusive growth objective.

The workshop was organized within the scope of the 'Good Jobs for Inclusive Growth in Central and West Asia' study commissioned by the ADB. During the workshop, 40 international and regional experts from eight CASC countries presented their papers and shared their research findings. The workshop was very intensive, focusing on different issues and country case studies. The topics included GDP growth projections for CASC countries for 2030 with and without structural reforms, key population trends, spatial inequality between rural and urban areas and cities, and gender inequality. Special attention was given to SME development and infrastructural projects.

The workshop was followed by a final panel discussion, wherein the participants identified the main priorities for each of their countries.