Electricity Trading Training Program
Friday, 19 October, 2018

Georgia committed to harmonizing its electricity market legislation with EU Third Energy Package and liberalizing it according to the accession protocol with the Energy Community. These structural changes are expected to contribute to the more efficient functioning of the Georgian electricity market and to support its development. The Georgian electricity market opening has already started. As a first step, recent amendments in the Law of Georgia on Electricity and Natural Gas mandated 110-35 kV customers with a monthly average of 15 mln kWh consumption to trade on the wholesale electricity market. To support market development, it is foreseen to establish an organized spot electricity market, where market participants, namely electricity producers, traders, suppliers, and electricity customers at a wholesale level, will sell and procure electricity. Therefore, Georgian electricity market participants currently need to acquire tools, knowledge, and skills to conduct modern electricity trading and risk mitigation actions and to optimize their selling and buying decisions in both local and neighboring electricity markets.

This training program aims exactly to provide participants with the basic tools, knowledge, and skills necessary to define optimal selling and buying strategies and, more generally, to conduct electricity trading and risk-mitigating activities in the upcoming Electricity Trading Mechanism (ETM).


ISET-PI, thanks to the financial support of USAID Governing for Growth (G4G) in Georgia has organized the first edition of the Electricity Trading Training Program (ETTP).

Participation in the course is free. Up to 20 candidates will be admitted.

Duration of the course: 24 hours divided into 4 weeks (The evening sessions on Fridays and morning sessions on Saturdays, starting from the 16th of November, 2018).

At the end of the training participants passing the final exam will receive a Certificate of successful completion of the Electricity Trading Training Program (ETTP).


The course is aimed at several groups of Georgian electricity market stakeholders, as well as civil society organizations and academia concentrating on electricity market issues. Among them:

• Management staff and executives with responsibilities in the planning and decision-making process of hydropower projects and power trade;

• mid-career professionals and students interested in developing their career within power markets and power trade;
• Other interested parties.


The aim of the ETTP training program is to increase the human and institutional capacity of the Georgian electricity market stakeholders, supporting the smooth transition to the new market model in Georgia. During the training, participants will learn the key features of power markets and discuss the experiences of power sectors in emerging and developed electricity markets. The training will include topics from electricity market economics, including the structure and the functioning of the demand and supply sides, network issues and specificities of the wholesale, retail level, and cross-border trade, and tools and strategies available for trading and for risk mitigation.

During the training, theoretical and practical activities will be combined to help the participants understand the characteristics of competitive electricity markets, the purpose and characteristics of financial instruments, and how trading tools on electricity markets can be used to conduct profitable transactions and minimize risks losses.


Participants will acquire a basic knowledge of deregulated electricity market, the European concept of electricity market liberalization, and the principles and requirements associated with the third EU energy package. They will also learn specific trading and risk management strategies and skills for power trading. This will allow them to operate in the upcoming electricity market and to design trading and risk-management strategies matching the objectives of their companies.


Application time will start on the 12th of October and applications will be accepted until October 30th (end of the day). Selection will be conducted in two steps: 1) shortlisting; 2) interviews of shortlisted candidates (if in excess of 20).

Required qualifications:

A. BA degree (or higher) in Business Administration, Economics, Finance, Engineering, Mathematics, Energy Management, and Physics. Relevant MA and/or working experience in related fields would be preferred.

B. Candidates with other degrees might be considered if they have at least 5 years of working experience in the field or if they are currently attending a MA level program in a relevant field.

Required documents (for preliminary shortlisting):

A. Motivation letter

B. Resume – 2 pages

C. 2 references

D. Certification of least intermediate level in English

I. B1 certified

II. or (at least) one year of (proven) studies in a tertiary education program in English

III. in absence of i. and/or ii., interview and English test (if shortlisted)

Please send your application to the following email address: [email protected]. Please indicate "ETTP" in the subject line. Only short-listed candidates will be contacted for an interview.