May 2021 | Electricity Market Review
30 June 2021

In May 2021, Georgian power plants generated 1221 mln. kWh of electricity. This represents a 24% increase in total generation, compared to the previous year (in May 2020, the total generation was 986 mln. kWh). The increase in generation on a yearly basis comes from the increase of 26% in hydropower generation, as well as, from increase in the generation of wind power by 10%.

On a monthly basis, generation increased by approximately 48% (in April 2021, total generation was 825 mln. kWh). The monthly increase in total generation, despite a reduction in thermal power generation of 99% compared to April 2021, was caused by a 61% increase in hydropower generation, and a 31% increase in wind power generation.

The consumption of electricity on the local market was 1,055 mln. kWh (+18% and +1% compared to May 2020, and April 2021, respectively). In May 2021, power generation exceeded consumption by 166 mln. kWh which was 14% of total generation (in May 2020 difference between total generation and consumption resulted in a surplus of 94 mln. kWh, around 10% of the total generation for the month).