August 2017 | Electricity Market Review
31 August 2017

In August 2017, Georgian power plants generated 1,035 mln. kWh of electricity. This corresponds to an 8% increase in total generation in comparison with the previous year (in 2016, total generation in August was 957 mln. kWh). Generation decreased by 17% with respect to July 2017 (in July 2017 total generation was 1,247 mln. kWh).

Following the traditional seasonal pattern, renewable sources of electricity produced 92% of total generation (952 mln. kWh), while thermal power generation accounted for only 8% of total generation (83 mln. kWh). Consumption of electricity on the local market was 1,038 mln. kWh, marginally bigger than the amount generated. Looking at the seasonal trends, generation from TPP is highest between December and February, and lowest between May and July, when renewable generation peaks.

Among different sources of electricity, hydropower remained dominant. Specifically, in August 2017, hydropower (HPP) generation amounted to 944 mln. kWh, wind power (WPP) was 8 mln. kWh, and thermal power (TPP) was 83 mln. kWh (Figure 2). In hydropower generation, large (regulatory) HPPs produced 73% (688 mln. kWh) of electricity, while seasonal and small HPPs produced, respectively, 24% (224 mln. kWh) and 3% (32 mln. kWh) (Figure 3).