January 2018 | Electricity Market Review
31 January 2018

In January 2018, Georgian power plants generated 1,014 mln. KWh of electricity. This corresponds to a 6% increase in total generation, compared to the previous year (in 2017, total generation in January was 955.5 mln. kWh). The increase in generation on a yearly basis comes from increase in wind and hydro power generation (more details below).

On a monthly basis, generation decreased by 6% in December 2017 (total generation was 1,080 mln. kWh).

The share of electricity produced by renewable sources increased marginally to 68% of total generation (683 mln kWh), while that of thermal power generation decreased in comparison to December 2017, accounting for 32% of total generation (331 mln. kWh).

Consumption of electricity on the local market was 1,170 mln. kWh (+8% compared to January 2017, and +1% with respect to December 2017). The gap between consumption and generation increased to 156 mln. kWh - 15% of the amount generated in January 2018 (compared to 84 mln kWh and 8% of total generation in December).

Among different sources of electricity, hydropower remained dominant. Specifically, in January 2018, hydropower (HPP) generation amounted to 676 mln. kWh (67% of total), wind power (WPP) was 7 mln. kWh (1% of total), and thermal power (TPP) was 331 mln. kWh (32% of total) (Figure 2). Among hydropower generators, large (regulatory) HPPs produced 51% (342 mln. kWh) of electricity, while seasonal and small HPPs produced 43% (289 mln. kWh) and 7% (45 mln. kWh), respectively (Figure 3).