January 2019 | Electricity Market Review
31 January 2019

In January 2019, Georgian power plants generated 1011 mln. kWh of electricity (Figure 1). This represents a 0.3% decrease in total generation, compared to the previous year (in 2018, total generation in January was 1014 mln. kWh.) The decrease in generation on a yearly basis comes from decrease in hydro and wind power generation (-11% and -18%), more than offsetting the increase in thermal power generation (+22%).

On a monthly basis, generation increased by 3% (in December 2018, total generation was 986 mln. kWh). The monthly increase in total generation was the result of an increase in electricity produced by thermal power plants (up to 405 mln. kWh, which represents +47% with respect to December 2018), while there was a decrease in generation of hydro and wind power plants (-15% and -10% with respect to December 2018 respectively).

Consumption of electricity on the local market was 1149 mln. kWh (almost -2% compared to both January 2018, and December 2018) (Figure 1). In January 2019, total consumption exceeded generation by 138 mln kWh, which is 12% of the total consumption and 14% of the amount generated (compared to 186 mln. kWh and 19% deficit of the total generation for December 2018).