Consumer Confidence Index
The ISET Consumer Confidence Survey follows the standard EU methodology: we randomly sample 300-350 individuals on a monthly basis and question them about the past, current, and future financial situation of their families and the country as a whole. Consumer confidence is the degree of optimism tha
t consumers feel about the overall state of the economy and their personal financial situation. How confident people feel about the stability of their incomes determines their spending activity and therefore serves as one of the key indicators for the overall shape of the economy. In essence, if consumer confidence is higher, consumers are making more purchases, boosting the economic expansion. On the other hand, if confidence is lower, consumers tend to save more than they spend, prompting the contraction of the economy. A month-to-month diminishing trend in consumer confidence suggests that in the current state of the economy most consumers have a negative outlook on their ability to find and retain good jobs.
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January 2023 | CCI: No major change in consumer confidence over the holiday season
20 February 2023

Slight shifts in CCI. After a moderate CCI decline in November, the Index began to improve (from -28.6 in November to -27.7 in December) but then shifted back down to -28.1 by January.

November 2022 | CCI: Consumer confidence remains low
20 December 2022

Minor shifts in CCI. The Consumer Confidence Index decreased from -28.3 in October to -28.6 in November (a 0.3 index point decline). The sub-indices shifted marginally in different directions; the Present Situation Index rose by 0.2 index points, while the Expectations Index fell by 0.2 points.

October 2022 | CCI: Descending confidence
22 November 2022

Worsened CCI. The Consumer Confidence Index fell from -24.1 in September to -28.3 in October (a 4.2 index point decline). Both the Expectations Index and the Present Situation Index moved downwards in tandem, declining by 3.3 and 5.1 points, respectively.

September 2022 | CCI: A minor fall in confidence
23 October 2022

CCI stumbled in September. After observing a positive trend in the CCI since May, a minor fall can be seen in September – from -23.9 in August to -24.1 in September (0.2 index points). The CCI’s two sub-indices moved in different directions...

August 2022 | CCI: The upward trend continues
23 September 2022

CCI continues to grow. By the end of the summer, a further, rather moderate increase of the CCI can be observed – from -25.5 in July to -23.9 in August (1.6 index points). There was an increase in both sub-indices – the Expectations Index and the Present Situation Index – of 0.4 and 2.9 points, respectively.