Solving the puzzle of economic development without rural-urban migration in Georgia
01 January 2018

This research aims to explain how Georgia’s economic development in the past 12-15 years took place despite the absence of rural-urban migration, defying the predictions of the Lewis Model - one of the most influential theories in development economics.

Leaders in Development
23 May 2016

Policy Institute together with Japan Tabacco International (JTI) Georgia offers free of charge training program "Leaders in Development". The program is designed for policy makers, analysts, mid-level and senior executives from both public and private sectors. Senior decision makers as well as senior professional staff will find the program extremely useful for their work.

Identify Determinant Factors of Mathematics Test Results in Georgian Schools
01 February 2016

This project implements Hierarchical Linear Modeling and identifies determinant factors for mathematics test results in Georgia.

Financial Literacy Research in Georgia
01 February 2016

The aim of the project by ISET-PI, TNS, and TBC bank was to find out the level of financial literacy in Georgia. 1000 respondents were surveyed in the biggest cities of Georgia. The project is divided in three parts dealing with finance, trust in financial institutions, and financial literacy, in order to investigate Georgian citizens' behavior.

Assessing the Food Security Data Relevance and Collection Mechanisms in the South Caucasus
30 December 2015

The concept of food security (FS) is holistic and brings together the notions of the availability of sufficient amounts of food, access to food, food utilization (including nutrition aspects) and stability in the food supply.