February 2021 | CCI: Is it catching up (finally)?
07 March 2021

Amid softened restrictions consumer confidence is increasing. The Index is up by 2.8 index points and the pattern is similar for both sub-indices: the Present Situation Index went up by 3.9 (from -43.1 to -39.2) and the Expectations Index is up by 1.7 (from -33.4 to -31.7) as can be seen on Chart 1.

December 2020 | CCI: The COVID pandemic dampens New Year celebrations
01 February 2021

Confidence is retreating after a recovery that lasted about 6 months. Last month, in spite of a slight decline of the CCI, we could hold on to the belief that we had reached a plateau in the recovery from the low numbers observed last April.

November 2020 | CCI: Consumer confidence deteriorates slightly amid further coronavirus restrictions
24 November 2020

The recovery of the Consumer Confidence Index, observed from May to July, has been losing steam in September and the November survey confirms that consumer confidence is struggling to go back to prior pandemic levels.

October 2020 | CCI: A welcome (but small) rebound
23 November 2020

The CCI has been picking up slightly in October, suggesting that the trend observed since May could be resuming after the dip of last month. It is a bit too early to draw a firm conclusion though, as the CCI remains below the values observed four years ago.

September 2020 | CCI: The pandemic eats into consumer confidence
29 September 2020

The 2020 October parliamentary elections are quickly approaching. This could mark a turning point in Georgian politics as the country has embarked on the path towards a more proportional electoral system.