Who Is the Surgeon?
18 February 2019

Riddles are fun; sometimes, though, they teach us more than expected. Consider this riddle, for example. A son and his father get into a terrible accident; the father dies immediately while the son is rushed to the hospital for an urgent operation. A minute after being called in, a prominent surgeon steps out from the operating room and says “I cannot operate on this boy; he is my son”. Who is the surgeon? Take a guess!

Georgia’s 2018 Presidential Election by Numbers
27 November 2018

On 28 November, the Georgian Central Election Commission (CEC) will hold the second round of the very last direct presidential election in Georgia before the constitutional pivot to indirect elections. This is the last stage of a political reform aiming at replacing the presidential political arrangement with the parliamentary system. The president’s powers in the new system will be extremely limited and largely symbolic.

Building the capacity of executive agencies and of the parliament of Georgia to understand and apply the regulatory impact assessment (RIA) methodology
24 July 2018

Build the capacity of the representatives of Parliament of Georgia and executive agencies to understand and apply the RIA methodology. Georgia is in the process of institutionalizing RIA as an integral part of policy-making, both in the executive and legislative branches of government.

ISET-PI Researcher Attends International Media Congress in Austria
15 May 2018

On May 13-15, ISET-PI researcher Giorgi Mzhvanadze participated in the annual European Newspaper Congress in Vienna, Austria. The congress was focused on the main opportunities and challenges of the daily newspaper medium, but the topics were much broader than the title suggested.

Khachapuri Index in the Loop of World Press
01 May 2018

The Khachapuri Index is one of the most popular Indexes in Georgia. ISET uses the Khachapuri Index as a simple tool that tracks inflation. The creation of the Khachapuri Index was inspired by the Big Mac Index, made and used by the Economist. ISET’s Khachapuri index uses a basket for calculating inflation that includes only those ingredients that are needed to cook one Imeretian khachapuri – flour, cheese, yeast, milk, eggs, and butter.