Real Estate Market Highlights, #10 | April-June 2018
03 July 2018

The GEO real property market grew by 10.1% in Q2 2018, in comparison with Q1 2018. The annual increase was more pronounced at 22.7% (YoY), in comparison with Q2 2017. TBS, with a 44.0% share in total sales in Q2 2018, dominated the GEO real property market.

Real Estate Market Highlights, #8 | 2017
30 March 2018

GEO real property market grew by 10.6% in 2017 in comparison with 2016. Annual increase was observed in all quarters, with the highest jump in Q2, 14.2% (QoQ) and 20.0% (YoY).

Real Estate Market Highlights, #7 | July-September 2017
02 October 2017

After hitting an all-time high in JUN-17, the GEO real property market slowed down in JUL-17 (-13.8% MoM), but gradually recovered during the next two months: AUG-17 (+6.5% MoM) and SEP-17 (+3.8% MoM). Despite the slowdown, with a total of 24 848 property sales, the GEO market in Q3 2017 grew by 0.7% compared to the previous quarter, and 5.9% against Q3 2016.

Real Estate Market Highlights, #6 | April-June 2017
03 July 2017

GEO real property market slowed down in APR-17 (-16.2% MoM) and gradually recovered during next 2 months: MAY-17 (+20.8% MoM) and JUN-17 (+6.5% MoM). With a total of 24 673 property sales, GEO market in Q2 2017 grew by 12.7% (YoY).

Wanna Get Rich? Make Batumi Your “Second Home”!
12 June 2017

With 6.3 million tourists visiting the country in 2016, Georgia has become a popular tourist destination. In May, the number of international visitors (those who stayed in the country 24 hours or more) increased annually by 19% (compared to the same month in the previous year). While Tbilisi Airport is the main border-crossing point, in May, Batumi Airport overshot Kutaisi Airport, famous for its low costs flights, and experienced a 20% annual increase in the number of arrivals.