Real Estate Market Highlights, #6 | April-June 2017
03 July 2017

GEO real property market slowed down in APR-17 (-16.2% MoM) and gradually recovered during next 2 months: MAY-17 (+20.8% MoM) and JUN-17 (+6.5% MoM). With a total of 24 673 property sales, GEO market in Q2 2017 grew by 12.7% (YoY).

Share of TBS in GEO sales increased to 39.8% in Q2 2017, and TBS remains on the top of GEO real property market.

TBS market was followed by Ajara with 13.1% and Kvemo Kartli with 9.7% shares in GEO sales. In Q2 2017, TBS real property sales grew by 23.9%, while outside TBS - by only 1.2%. More than half of GEO sales were registered in 3 largest cities: TBS, BAT & KUT.