Pilot Regulatory Impact Assessment of the Spatial Planning and Construction Code
Tuesday, 30 September, 2014

The Georgian government is currently working on the draft of a new Code on Spatial Planning and Construction, with the aim of increasing the safety of new constructions while consolidating the great achievements obtained in terms of effectiveness in the delivery of construction permits. One of the main changes that is likely to be introduced in the new Code – in line with the best practices at the international level1 – is the regulation of the qualification requirements for building designers. The current government believes that the time has come to increase the safety standards and to regulate the access to the profession of the building design.

A large number of actors are likely to be affected by such a reform. Among them: the Ministry of Economy and Sustainable Development of Georgia (MoESD) and other governmental agencies (who will be involved in its implementation and enforcement), building designers, customers, construction companies, academic professionals, students. While conducting this study we have consulted all these categories of stakeholders. For consultations, a set of common questions for each category of stakeholders was developed and official consultations/interviews/online surveys were organized. The consultation process started on the 5th of May and ended on the 14th of June.