Comprehensive Costing and Finance Strategies for the Early Learning System in Georgia
Status: Complated
Project Milestones: Start date: 09.07.2012 End Date: 30.11.2012

The objective of the study was to conduct a detailed analysis of the existing funding mechanisms of early learning in Georgia, do a costing of alternative models of provision per child, develop and suggest sustainable financial and legal scenarios, relevant in the Georgian context. ISET-PI was commissioned by UNICEF to design and assess the cost of alternative finance strategies for preschool education in Georgia.

Our report looks into existing early learning models, analyzes current funding schemes, and assesses potential strategies to expand enrollment. The report systematically compares the effectiveness of funding formulas (mechanisms or schemes) applied by the various Georgian municipalities, calculates the unit cost per child for alternative early learning models and different financing scenarios, and, based on these, draws a set of recommendations for the adoption of a funding scheme that maximizes enrollment while satisfying basic educational requirements and making sure that no child is left behind.