An assessment of enterprise performance of agricultural cooperatives
Status: Complated
Project Milestones: Start date: 05.06.2017 End Date: 31.08.2017

APRC will carry out an assessment of enterprise performance of agricultural cooperatives after conducted training and development programs, and will identify further steps and areas of the improvement.

Under the ENPARD framework, Evoluxer works to improve awareness among cooperatives members of the meaning and purpose of cooperative enterprises, and increases their sense of ownership of their cooperatives. During October 2016- March 2017, Evoluxer provided training programs for registered cooperative managers and management leaders in order to strengthen management capacity and proper governance at registered cooperatives.

APRC will assess the agricultural cooperatives' operational and managerial performance, identify strengths and weaknesses of the program, and provide recommendations for further improvement.

It is of utmost importance to assess whether the capacity-building processes that were designed, planned, and conducted can positively influence the performance of cooperatives from terms of business growth, operational management as well as dynamics in terms of membership. Furthermore, the overall success of the project is directly related to the success of the capacity-building program that would be demonstrated through the performance of the trained cooperatives.

The research will be based on a series of interviews with cooperatives and stakeholders as well as background desk research. In addition, this assessment will take in account interim and final evaluation reports of the coops training.