ReforMeter team conducts information session for youth in Mestia
Wednesday, 22 June, 2022

On 22 June 2022, ISET Policy Institute visited the Svaneti region’s Tetnuldi College in Mestia to conduct an informational ReforMeter session with the local youth and organizations that work on youth issues, among their other activities. The event was attended by the founder of the Youth Organization of Upper Svaneti Development (YOOUSD), young representatives from the Local Action Group (LAG) in Upper Svaneti, and young participants of the English Access Program summer camp, together with various academic personnel from Tetnuldi College.

The aim of the visit was to introduce the audience to the ReforMeter platform and its targeted reforms, as well as to enhance their knowledge and their capacity for retrieving and interpreting data on economic reforms from the ReforMeter web page. Because of our event, the local participants gained greater awareness on select economic reforms (in particular the insolvency reform, the E-commerce reform, and the water resource management reform), alongside a better understanding of the ReforMeter tool in general.