ISET faculty member chairs the international conference
Friday, 19 March, 2021

Our latest news comes from ISET resident lecturer and researcher, Professor Muhammad Asali. Recently, Professor Asali joined a group of prominent economists from around the world and took part in the 140th annual conference of the Western Economic Association International (WEAI). The conference platform is available here: WEAI online).

On the 19th of March, Muhammad took the role of chair in a review and discussion on various facets of Uncertainty and Risk. He was joined by peers from the economics world, including the authors of related papers, from the University of Wisconsin, the University of Maryland, and Koç University in Istanbul.

Professor Asali not only chaired the session on Uncertainty and Risk at the conference but also presented his cutting-edge investigation into the coexistence and interplay between cycles of violence and cycles of cooperation in various ongoing conflicts (a joint research endeavor with M. Beenstock of the Hebrew University in Jerusalem and A. Abu-Qarn of Ben Gurion University). His work really came to light in the latest WEAI conference, and ISET is proud to support and highlight Muhammad’s ever-promising research.