An Exceptional New Elective Course: Corporate Finance Applied to a Developing Economy
Monday, 19 May, 2014

ISET will be offering an exciting new course in the 5th mini-term – “Corporate Finance Applied to a Developing Economy.” The course will be taught by Paul-Henri Forestier, former Director of the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development in Georgia.

The course will include guest lectures by Bruno Balvanera (EBRD Director for Ukraine, Belarus, and South Caucasus), Giorgi Kadagidze (head of the National Bank of Georgia), and KfW Regional Director for South Caucasus Lars Oermann.

ISET is introducing this course in response to explicit requests for courses that address actual labor market needs. We are extremely grateful to Dr. Forestier for agreeing to develop and teach a course that is specifically tailored to the current state of affairs in Georgia’s financial sector. Moreover, we look forward to his continued involvement in teaching finance courses next year and, hopefully, overseeing the development of a full-fledged finance concentration in our MA program.

The main goal of the course is to develop the awareness and skills of future decision-makers with respect to available financing techniques in countries where maturing domestic capital markets are yet to reach a higher level of sophistication while public and commercial financial institutions are active substitutes. The course will consist of 14 lectures, including three to five presentations by guest speakers who will share their experience in IFI activities, regulation of the domestic banking system, and public infrastructure financing. Two lectures will be devoted to case studies focusing on 1) complex financing documentation and 2) cash flow modeling.

Please note that the first lecture has been scheduled for 5 pm on Monday, May 12.