ISET Resident Faculty Trained by Deborah Novakova of CERGE-EI
Wednesday, 12 October, 2016

Resident faculty participated in ISET's Ongoing Professional Development Pedagogical Course. This year’s course followed on from the 2015 program, which consisted of consultations, practical sessions, and feedback on teaching methods, as well as discussions relating to the participants' own professional experiences.

The 2016 course focused on collaborative observations and shared discussions of teaching classes. The participants took one of two roles – teacher or observer – followed by collaborative discussions between all parties, including the Pedagogical Mentor and a student assistant. The final step was written feedback from the Pedagogical Mentor to the teacher on a confidential basis.

The goal of the course was not focused on ‘problems’ in the classroom; rather, it aimed at highlighting elements of the lesson that are useful, inspiring, challenging, and everything in between.

ISET has enjoyed a very long partnership with CERGE-EI and values its input in helping ISET grow and improve. Most notably, CERGE-EI has helped establish the Teaching Fellowship Program for ISET graduates and second-year students, which has proved to be a fruitful endeavor highly prized by the institution.

ISET looks forward to cooperating with CERGE-EI for many years to come and remains especially grateful to Deborah Novakova from CERGE-EI's Academic Skills Center for running the Ongoing Professional Pedagogical Course in both 2015 and 2016. The institution looks forward to welcoming Deborah back in the near future.