ISET welcomes BA students
Monday, 18 September, 2017

For over a decade, ISET has produced MA graduates whose experience, knowledge, and expertise have allowed them to pursue successful careers across the world. Some stayed in academia, and went on to earn further degrees in the United States and Europe; others moved into public service or the private sector, both at home and abroad, actively working towards regional development or establishing successful careers overseas.

The brand ‘ISETer’ has become a title to aspire to for undergraduates throughout the Caucasus, but the institute has also attracted students from as far away as Nigeria, India, Belarus, and even Japan. ISET’s increasingly prestigious reputation has not only allowed it to expand not only its student base but also enabled the launch of its BA program in economics.

A total of fifty-three students have embarked on the four-year journey to earn ISET’s first BA degree. Rector of TSU Giorgi Sharvashidze and ISET President Eric Livny, along with members of the institute’s faculty and staff, warmly welcome the freshmen and introduced them to the subject of economics.

A lecture from Mr. Livny opened the semester, in which he explained the core aspects of economics, and its essence as a social science grounded in data, empirical facts, and dependent on evidence. Mr. Livny demonstrated the importance of economics by discussing its impact on history and showing its influence on the philosophy of David Hume, the thinking of Charles Darwin, and the methodology of Adam Smith.

The students will have two semesters of intensive classes in economics, however, will have the option to undertake elective modules outside of core economic studies such as Math Logic, Business and Governance in Digital Era, and World Regional Geography among many others.

The ISET community wishes every success (and the best of luck) to its first intake of BA students and is very confident that the new program will prove to be as renowned as its long-running MA course.