Second-year BA student gives presentation about National Archives
Friday, 19 October, 2018

On October 19, second-year BA student Nikoloz Sepiashvili gave a presentation about the first Ministry of Finance of Georgia. Out of many academically strong students, he was chosen as a researcher by the National Archives of Georgia. After his five months of research, Nikoloz presented his report to the public at the National Archives of Georgia, after which he was invited to speak on the Pirveli, Maestro, and Imedi networks to answer questions of public interest. He said that it was a good opportunity for him to learn more about the economic, social, and political situation in Georgia during 1918-1921 because there was no previous research on the structure of the Ministry of Finance of Georgia or about the process of issuing the first Georgian paper money, the Boni (ბონი).

In his presentation, he reviewed government policy and the main obstacles that Georgia faced, including an unstable economic environment, a lack of investors, and misallocation of resources. To make the research more interesting, additional materials, such as appendices, were added at the end of the work, which also described additional topics in order to add more depth. Photos of the first Georgian banknotes and government bonds were also included at the end of the study.