ISET Joining the Top 10% Economic Institutions Worldwide Doing Research on CIS Countries
Monday, 17 December, 2018

A decade after its founding, ISET celebrates its entry among the top 10% economic institutions worldwide doing research on CIS countries. In November 2018 IDEAS ranked ISET the 142nd place out of the 1448 economic institutions in its database doing research on CIS countries. IDEAS is an international database that monitors publications in all fields of economics and ranks economic institutions around the world according to the visibility of their research i.e. how many times their online articles are viewed and downloaded.

The CIS field ranking is based on the number of views and downloads of papers analyzing economic issues in CIS countries. This explains why a number of Russian institutes are quite high in the ranking. The top three positions of the ranking are occupied, respectively, by: the Department of Economics of the University of California-Berkeley (USA), the Paris School of Economics (France), and the National Research University Higher School of Economics (Russia). ISET ranks immediately after the Faculty of Economic Sciences, Social Sciences, and Management Sciences of the University of Namur (Belgium) and immediately above the Department of Economics, International Business School of the Brandeis University (USA).

To score among the top 10% of almost 1500 institutes worldwide is a staggering achievement for ISET, especially as many of its international competitors are significantly larger in size and have a much longer history. Excited by this achievement, ISET faculty is now driven to intensify their efforts to increase ISET scores and to climb the rankings even higher.