Macroeconomic Review
Macroeconomic Review of the Georgian economy is a quarterly publication. The publication offers a comprehensive review and an economic interpretation of the existing data trends, which are based on monthly statistics from GeoStat, NBG, and other sources.
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November 2014 Macro Review | Growth slowed in September on weak domestic, external demand conditions
15 November 2014

The Georgian economy’s growth rate appeared to slow down in September. According to Gaostat’s rapid estimates forecast, the real growth of GDP decreased to 4.1%. This estimate is the lowest this year since April when the growth rate fell to 2.7%. The ISET Leading Economic Indicators index warned about a possible slowdown of the economy in the third quarter, citing, in particular, the significant decline in exports that began in August 2014.

October 2014 Macro Review | Concern about the economy, as export growth turns negative in August
14 October 2014

According to preliminary estimates, Georgian economic growth declined from 7.2% to 5.2% between July and August 2014. Although the August estimate is still quite high, there is increasing concern that the national economy is set to slow down in the second half of the year.

September 2014 | Macro economic review
08 September 2014

After a dip in April, the GDP growth rate seems to be back on track, the year-on-year growth rate in July was 7.2%. Higher rates of electricity consumption and an increase in the change of VAT payers’ turnover corroborate this evidence. In July electricity consumption and VAT payers’ turnover were 3.8 and 15.4 percent higher compared to the same month in the previous year.

May 2014 | Macro economic review
08 May 2014

After suffering a temporary setback in April 2014, the year-on-year growth rate in May is back to upper single digits (6.3%). However, macro indicators suggest that the economic landscape has hardly changed between April and May.

April 2014 | Macro economic trends
14 April 2014

After a few months of strong GDP growth (November 2013-March 2014) a sharp decline in growth rate to only 2.7% (y-o-y) comes as an unwelcome surprise. According to the national statistics office, the VAT payers’ turnover is down and electricity demand has declined compared to April of last year.