March 30, 2015 Kh-Index | Khachapuri index continues along its downward sloping trajectory
30 March 2015

Khachapuri index kept declining in March with the average cost of cooking one standard Imeretian Khachapuri reaching 3.15 GEL. This is 7% lower month-on-month (compared to February 2015), and 3.1% lower year-on-year (compared to March 2014).

Kh-Index lost height in all Georgian cities. Despite experiencing the largest drop of the Index (of 8.6%), at 3.20 GEL, Georgia's main seaside resort Batumi remains the most expensive city for khachapuri lovers. The Index dropped to 3.15 GEL in Tbilisi and to 3.02 GEL in Telavi, losing 4.8 % and 6.9%, respectively. Kutaisi is the cheapest city at 2.86 GEL (down by 7.7%). The price difference between the most expensive (Batumi) and the cheapest (Kutaisi) cities reached 0.34 GEL.