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Georgia: The Hub Issue
Wednesday, 24 October, 2012
The new issue of Investor.GE is out, this time focusing on Georgia as the hub for the South Caucasus and Central Asia. This quote from the lead article caught my attention:
I am amazed at how many requests I am getting from major multinationals from all industry sectors to speak with them about doing business in Georgia. I am also increasingly seeing multinational companies who are already in the region, looking to change their business model to move many of their activities through Georgia," he said, noting that so far most interest comes from fast-moving consumer goods companies that are attracted by the ease of doing business in Georgia.
Regardless of what one thinks of the reforms and the Doing Business Ranking, at worst they serve as a useful marketing device, helping to catch the attention of potential foreign investors. Make sure to check out the other articles, the issue is interesting throughout.
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