Increasing Electricity Imports and Jumping Import Electricity Prices: a Worrisome Development or Data Glitch?
30 November 2018

After the generation deficit of September, the decreasing trend in generation continues, while the gap between consumption and generation keeps widening. Chiefly, compared to September, total electricity generation has decreased by 8% in October 2018, while in contrast with the previous October 2017, electricity generation has decreased by 5%. This reduction in generation on a yearly basis is specifically due to the decrease in hydropower (-1%) and thermal power generation (-17%), which more than offsets the increase in WPP generation (+4%).

Is Russia Back as the Main Foreign Provider of Electricity to the Georgian Market?
05 November 2018

After a generation deficit of August, Georgia continues to exhibit a decreasing trend in power generation; compared to August, total electricity generation has decreased by 14% in September 2018. Georgian power plants generated 849 mln. kWh of electricity, while consumption of electricity on the local market was 955 mln. kWh.

Building the capacity of executive agencies and of the parliament of Georgia to understand and apply the regulatory impact assessment (RIA) methodology
24 July 2018

Build the capacity of the representatives of Parliament of Georgia and executive agencies to understand and apply the RIA methodology. Georgia is in the process of institutionalizing RIA as an integral part of policy-making, both in the executive and legislative branches of government.