Transition for All: Equal Opportunities in an Unequal World
10 November 2016

On November 10, ISET hosted an EBRD group with a keynote speaker, Alexander Plekhanov, Deputy Director of Research at the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development in London. He presented the EBRD’s Transition Report, entitled “Transition for All: Equal Opportunities in an Unequal World”.

World Economy and Comparative Development in Eastern Europe
17 October 2016

In what has been a decidedly international few months for ISET with recent visits to Japan, Norway, and India (as well as a trip to Uzbekistan in late October), yet another member of the institute's faculty has traveled abroad, this time to Germany.

Expected Certainty: ISET Graduate Gogsadze Discusses Tax Evasion
23 September 2016

Shakespeare is often quoted as having said that death and tax are the only two certainties in life; many people of the modern world would perhaps agree that he would have been at liberty to add tax evasion to the list.

"Leaders in Development" Learn how to Minimize the Regulatory Impact on Georgian Businesses
12 September 2016

Betsy’s Hotel is an establishment accustomed to hosting a wide variety of patrons from across the world. However, the gathering of mid-level and senior representatives from public, private and non-profit organizations to be awarded certificates for completing a course funded by Japan Tobacco International Georgia and run by the ISET Policy Institute is certainly unique even for a hotel with such a habitually diverse clientele.

ISET Branded Leader in Financial Transparency
30 June 2016

Transparify, an organization that examines the financial transparency of think tanks throughout the world, has declared ISET a global leader and granted it the Transparify Award.