ISET Branded Leader in Financial Transparency
Thursday, 30 June, 2016

Transparify, an organization that examines the financial transparency of think tanks throughout the world, has declared ISET a global leader and granted it the Transparify Award.

Transparify investigates the funding transparency of think tanks with the purpose of identifying those which are dedicated to transparency and integrity in policy research and advocacy and drawing attention to others that accept money from closed sources.

The Transparify Award is given to those think tanks which fully disclosed the funding behind them; other winners have subsequently displayed their Transparify Award on their websites, studies, and donor reports. A score between zero and five stars is given based on how much information a think-tank reveals about where its funding comes from. A total of 200 think tanks from 47 different countries on every continent were rated. ISET was awarded five stars for its efforts, signaling that the organization is “highly transparent”.