Tbilisi: the New Regional Shopping Bonanza or What?
22 October 2015

As suggested by ISET’s most recent Consumer Confidence report, Georgian consumers are in no mood for shopping. And, yet, Tbilisi is abuzz with excitement about the recent lavish opening of East Point – a giant new shopping and entertainment center, the largest of its kind in the country. Thus, while consumer confidence is hitting new lows, the supply of retail space and world-class shopping malls continues to hit its highs.

Real estate sale market shows signs of recovery amid Lari depreciation - December 2015
23 September 2015

The average residential rental price first fell to 7.46 USD per m2 (a historical minimum since the start of the study) in October 2015, and after a slight peak in the following month reached 7.66 USD per m2 by the end of the year.

Lari depreciation is behind a gradual reduction in Tbilisi housing prices - February, 2015
16 February 2015

The lari depreciation has started to affect real estate market prices in Tbilisi. The average rental price for residential property has continued to fall, reaching a new historical minimum in February 2015.

Real Estate Prices in Tbilisi: No Bubble, No Trouble
27 January 2015

Bubbles belong to the most fascinating phenomena in a market. Suddenly, people are willing to pay prices that are completely out of touch with the fundamental economic values of assets. In the stock market bubble of the 1920s, persons who had never before considered becoming investors borrowed money and bought shares, so as not to miss out on the chance to become rich.

Business as usual for Tbilisi’s real estate market, despite a sharp annual drop in rental prices - December 2014
09 December 2014

Investments in real estate compensates for risk premiums (compared to money deposits) and more than covers its costs (Mortgage interest rate). Average rental price for residential property continues to fall and reaches its historical minimum since March 2013.