The Tale of Two Cities: Are Almaty-Style “Bombilas” the Future of the Tbilisi Taxi Market?
05 February 2018

Recently, the administration of Tbilisi City Hall announced that the Tbilisi taxi market is going to be regulated. The process of switching to a regulatory frame will be gradual. At first, taxi drivers will be obliged to acquire taxi signs and permission from the appropriate authorities. This regulation is not expected to create significant pressure on taxi service providers. At the second stage, however, taxi drivers will be required to pass a technical inspection and satisfy minimal quality standards.

Student Policy Seminar Series: Impacts of Baku-Tbilisi-Kars railroad on Poti Sea Port
24 November 2017

On November 22, ISET started a policy seminar series provided by the second-year students of ISET’s MA program. The first presentation was delivered by Tamari Tetvadze & Gunash Kamzaevi, under the supervision of Eric Livny, president of ISET and ISET-PI, and Giorgi Mzhavanadze, Senior Researcher at the Macroeconomic Policy Research Center(MPRC) of ISET-PI.

Real Estate Market Highlights, #7 | July-September 2017
02 October 2017

After hitting an all-time high in JUN-17, the GEO real property market slowed down in JUL-17 (-13.8% MoM), but gradually recovered during the next two months: AUG-17 (+6.5% MoM) and SEP-17 (+3.8% MoM). Despite the slowdown, with a total of 24 848 property sales, the GEO market in Q3 2017 grew by 0.7% compared to the previous quarter, and 5.9% against Q3 2016.

Real Estate Market Highlights, #6 | April-June 2017
03 July 2017

GEO real property market slowed down in APR-17 (-16.2% MoM) and gradually recovered during next 2 months: MAY-17 (+20.8% MoM) and JUN-17 (+6.5% MoM). With a total of 24 673 property sales, GEO market in Q2 2017 grew by 12.7% (YoY).

Real Estate Market Highlights, #5 | January-March 2017
01 May 2017

With a total of 21 611 property sales, Georgian real estate market in Q1 2017 grew by 6.1% (YoY). 194 new buildings with total area of 301.1 thousand sq.m were completed in Tbilisi during Q1 2017.