EXPO AGRO TBILISI: Welcome to the Real Agriculture Economy
27 November 2013

As I do every year since I arrived in Georgia back in 2009, this November I attended the Tbilisi International Fair for Agro, Food and Drink Products, Packaging, and Processing. This fair, although very small for international standards (some 60 stands) is actually one of the most important trade exhibitions in the country, and the only significant one with a focus on agriculture and food sectors.

The Strategic Dilemma of the Tbilisi Marshrutka Drivers
22 July 2013

Everyone using the service of the Tbilisi marshrutkas experiences one of two extreme cases: the marshrutka either moves tantalizingly slowly or excessively fast. How can this apparent paradox be explained? In search of an answer, let us turn to game theory, one of the appealings outgrows of mathematical economics.

Yellow Moving Saunas in the Streets of Tbilisi: A Tragedy
19 July 2013

Tbilisi public transportation resembles a classic Greek tragedy. In those pieces, usually, the gods interfere with human affairs and create a big mess. In Tbilisi, marshrutkas were operating in a competitive market and state intervention led to the creation of a monopoly.

An Economist’s Comment on “Dodge or Die” on the Streets of Tbilisi
10 June 2013

As Stephen Dowling put it in his BBC News article a few years ago, “when it comes to crossing the road, there's no such thing as an international standard. Every country does it differently.” How people drive and cross the road, according to Dowling, is a matter of a country’s cultural values. Is it really?

The Case Of Tbilisi Hippodrome – Urban Planning Mistake Or A New Approach To Regional Policy?
30 July 2012

Despite arduous government efforts to reduce regional disparities, population and wealth are very unevenly distributed across Georgia’s territory.